Jan 14, 2008

How to save your wet iPhone

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My girlfriend completely drenched her iPhone when a Camelbak exploded in the same backpack as the phone. I tried to power it off, but the power button wouldn't respond. I immediately stuck it in a bowl of rice and set it out to dry for a few days. After two days I tried it and it worked well except that the power button wouldn't turn off the iPhone reliably. I believe I would have had complete success saving the iPhone if I had totally buried it in rice instead of letting the top part stick out.

Surprisingly the Apple Store was cool about returning it and gave her a new phone. The moisture indicator inside the headphone jack still showed a faint red line, but it was nowhere nearly as obvious as when the phone was first soaked. The rice definitely took out a lot of the moisture inside the phone!

I've done this successfully before with other phones, but the key is to take the battery out and to not turn it on for days while it sits in the rice.

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Anonymous said...

haha you should ask camelbak for a new camelbak and iphone