May 21, 2010

Show Desktop in Windows 7

Show Desktop in Windows 7
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Looking for the Show Desktop icon on the Quick Launch bar in Windows 7? It isn't there. Instead Microsoft added a small gray bar at the far right-hand end of the Taskbar that does the same thing as Show Desktop icon did in earlier versions of Windows. If you hover over this bar it will display the words Show Desktop. You can click it again to toggle between showing the desktop or the open windows.

If you want to disable the hover feature simply right-click on the gray bar and uncheck "Peek at desktop". The button will still work if you click on it, but will no longer show the desktop when you hover over it. You cannot remove this gray bar from the toolbar, but you can at least disable the hover feature.

If you have a keyboard with the "Windows" key you can use the keyboard shortcut "WINDOWS" + "M" or "WINDOWS" + "SPACE" to minimize all of the open windows at once so you can view your desktop. Using "Windows" + "D" will let you toggle between all windows open and the desktop.


Anonymous said...

That is the usability aspect of testers. bouncing around from left to right playing ping pong between show desktop and the start menu. This is worse in usability than Vista.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for showing us where this is! Microsoft's website was of NO help as usual.

Anonymous said...

This is actually a superior way of doing it because you do not have to aim (in aero.) Just fling your mouse to the bottom right and it will show a preview of the desktop. Fling the mouse to the bottom right and click, and it shows the desktop. This feature is partially based on the old mac design where you can shove the mouse forward and pull down menus without having to aim. The way Windows does it now is MUCH faster when you get used to it. It also works this way with the start menu, too.

Anonymous said...

seriously, you're my hero for the day. I was just starting to go nuts looking for that shortcut. And I NEVER would have thought that little gray box was anything.

Anonymous said...

Awesome!!! The loss of the Show Desktop button was driving me crazy!! You have made me happier that bullfrogs on vacation in Ethiopia!!

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