Jan 10, 2008

Maxtor OneTouch Software Download

I recently migrated to a new Windows XP computer and wanted to set up my Maxtor OneTouch III on the new machine. When I went to look for the software CD I noticed that it was gone. No worries I'll just download it from Seagate... or so I thought.

I seems that Seagate is only providing easy access to downloads for its branded products or for the native Windows Vista backup. There is nothing listed for the older Maxtors running on XP machines. After much searching and thrashing about in Google I finally found the ftp site to download the original software that came with the various Maxtor external drives.

Below are the fruits of my labor. For each model there is an .EXE if you just want to run the installer or an .ISO if you want to burn it to a CD first.

Maxtor 5000

Maxtor OneTouch

Maxtor OneTouch II

Maxtor OneTouch III

Maxtor OneTouch III Turbo

Maxtor OneTouch SBE

Maxtor OneTouch 4
Software is still available on Seagate's website. Click on the link above or Google "maxtor onetouch 4" to link to the latest software.


Anonymous said...

saved my butt, thanks for posting this up!

Anonymous said...

do you have a software for Maxtor 1touch4? need help..

Anonymous said...

Ineed a security software for Maxtor 4... where can I download it?

Unknown said...

I added a link at the bottom of the blog entry above with the link to the Maxtor OneTouch 4 software. Hope this helps!

Anonymous said...

Thanks alot I appreciate your help/efforts, you saved me alot of searching. Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

i'm going from a non intel mac powerbook to a new intel macbook. my mini iii won't work on my new macbook and the software isn't on my old laptop or on the mini iii. do you have a download for that too?

Anonymous said...

thank ya buck from csshrtn@yahoo.com kenwood code if ya need somthin gimmy a holla marty wilkins .kcmo

JoeBonsai said...

I have 2 Maxtor One Touch drives (200GB each) and could not find the original install CD. Xp would not recognize them - thank heaven you had the resources posted here. I could not find anything like this on Maxtor's site.

Anonymous said...

You saved me a bunch of time with this post. Thanks a bunch!

Paul said...

Thank you so much for the Seagate (Maxtor OneTouch III) software repositories.

Anonymous said...

I.......I.....Love you!

Thank you, so so so much!

I was trying to get the software for my drive so I could turn off the stupid spin down. After Googling around, I found your blog. Thanks a lot!

johnny alonso said...

hi - im having way major problems trying to get my vista to read my maxtor one touch II. i finally got the password removed - but my vista still isnt letting me pull any of my files from the maxtor. can you help me?? please? im stuck. thanks so much

Unknown said...

Bucky, I was so grateful to stumble across your post. Being on a Mac, however, with the OneTouch III, it appears that I need the full .iso file. Do you have any idea whether that is true? Don't have great access from where I am at (normally I'm also in SD btw), so the 445MB download is painful. Thought I'd ask in case you know different. In any case...THANKS FOR THIS!

Anonymous said...

The software for the OneTouch 4 Mini is not available on seagates site for download.

മനോജ് said...

thanks bucky for the software

Anonymous said...

2012 and we're still at it .... thank you very much!


Anonymous said...

Tried the link, get to following error:
550 /outgoing/stxsupp/maxtor/Personal_Storage/OneTouch_III/OneTouch_III_USB_Combo_&_Triple/OneTouch_III_Combo_&_Triple/OneTouch_III_USB_Combo_MaxBack: No such file or directory.
Any suggestions?

Anonymous said...

For that link error, try one of the other links then go up a level and to the one you need. Worked for me when having that error trying to get the III version. Used the I version link instead.

Rima14 said...

For anyone like me who is still using XP with the maxtor Onetouch just to confirm that it is actually compatiable with the Vista software. Even though Seagate website says its only for Vista I tried it out of desperation & with success :0) The software is available from: http://www.seagate.com/support/external-hard-drives/desktop-hard-drives/onetouch-iii/

Anonymous said...

Thanks! The only site I found a link to download the original maxtor software.